“I describe my music as the 'acoustification' of rock, pop, country, and rhythm and blues."~~Steve Testa 

Steve Dallas Testa performs with his Taylor acoustic guitar, playing smooth, eclectic renditions of popular classic rock, pop, country, rhythm & blues, and folk tunes from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Steve’s vocals, deeply influenced by his Texas upbringing and his soulful passion for music, work together to create new sounds on cherished classics!Spend a relaxing evening listening to Steve’s original works, and the best of Jimmy Buffett, Jimmy Chesney, Johnny Cash, John Fogarty, The Beatles, The Doobie Brothers, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, Willie Nelson, and the Eagles, among others. 

Steve will perform at your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or deck venue. Give your patrons a night to remember, whether you need quiet background music for dinner or drinks, or a fun-filled night with plenty of laughs, banter, and audience participation. 

 Steve will travel to venues in the Los Angeles, CA area. He currently performs at the 3rd Street Pomenade. 

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Steve Dallas Testa


Music has always been something I’ve lived, breathed, and dreamed, ever since I was barely old enough to press my fingers on the strings of my first guitar. As a young kid, I lived for some time in Ethiopia due to Dad’s job, but we didn’t have much in the way of entertainment. My mom played “country guitar,” and I bugged her to order me a guitar from the Sears & Roebuck catalog so I could play too.  When that guitar came in the mail, my life changed! At night, we’d listen to our reel-to-reel tape recorder and I’d pretend I was playing Connie Francis and Elvis songs! 

When we moved to Texas, I started a love ‘em and leave ‘em relationship with my strings...but not for too long. I just liked to play and improvise, and didn’t want much to do with lessons or practicing, until a friend changed my mind. Throughout my school years, I always played in a band. Then in high school, I picked up the trombone and discovered a love for jazz. I emulated the greats, like Steve Howe, Joe Pass, Howard Roberts, Roy Clark, Chet Atkins, Barney Kessel, Jeff Beck, and others.  In fact, today, I’d say my music is so light and easy-going because of my passion for jazz theory. My babies were a Gibson ES-150, a Les Paul Deluxe, and an Alvarez acoustic. 

 In college, I decided to major in Physics instead of music, but I was still influenced by the amazing collection of musicians at North Texas State (now University of North Texas). Artists like Don Henley (Eagles), Norah Jones, Eli Young Band, and Chris Fryar (Drummer from Zac Brown Band) all studied there, and the school’s emphasis on training jazz musicians deeply affected my own music. 

After graduation, I shipped out with the Navy, and my Les Paul guitar shipped out with me, too. I got my first guitar many years ago, and I guess I can say that since then, I’ve always had a guitar by my side… ~~Steve Testa